Who we are

The Loopy Tunes duo

Leah Williams-Partington

Leah Williams-Partington

Our main action lady has been with Loopy Tunes from the start, and just loves all the moves Siu creates for her! lol!!

She grew up learning the piano and recorder, then progressed to the flute. She taught the flute for almost 20 years, mostly at the Christchurch School of Music, along with some itinerant relief work and private tuition. She has a Bachelor of Music, in Music Education, from the University of Canterbury.

Leah sings at home and in the car with her music-loving children and hubby (and as Loopy Tunes, of course!).

Siu Williams-Lemi

Siu Williams-Lemi

Siu was part of the original group of three that developed Loopy Tunes.

She has a background as a clarinetist and saxophonist, after starting on the recorder and piano as a child, and is a self-taught guitarist.

Siu has performed as a lead singer/saxophonist with the Mainland Big Band, sung solo gigs and duets, and regularly led Youth Service worship bands through her previous work with the Methodist Church, as the Children and Youth Ministries Co-ordinator for the Central South Island.

The Loopy Tunes story

Loopy Tunes started in 2010, as an Outreach Preschool Music Programme at Beckenham Methodist Church, run by a small group of volunteers from the Church. It has now grown to six weekly outreach sessions around Christchurch (click here for more info on these), mostly run by us, Siu and Leah.

The vision for Loopy Tunes was to offer music to local whānau that was live, interactive, affordable and fun.

We wanted to offer a space that created a sense of community for parents/caregivers and children.

Where did the name "Loopy Tunes" come from?

The meaning behind our name is all to do with where Loopy Tunes began – Beckenham Methodist Church, which is situated within the Beckenham ‘Loop’.

So, there you go… wish we could have given you a more exciting tale of pirates and fairies – would’ve been way more exciting! haha!