Kākāriki: Simply Us

Our debut album, ‘Kākāriki: Simply Us’ was released in 2019. A labour of love, this album brings to you a mixture of Siu’s originals and some favourites, in the style that we are known for, acoustic guitar and vocals – in other words… Simply Us!

Album acknowledgements

We are so incredibly grateful for the amount of support, encouragement and advice that has come our way… from our ever-present whānau and friends (near and far), Loopy Tunes families, and online followers!  We also couldn’t do what we do without the endless support and childminding services of our parents, Auntī, husbands, siblings and wider whānau!

In making this CD, we’re thankful for the extra help and advice from various people. Chris “Goose” Geldard, your words of wisdom before, and after, the recording process were vital and the most helpful – cheers heeeaps!!  Michal, from Petite Music Box, we picked your brain right at the beginning, so thank you for sharing your experiences and your advice! David Bush, the Methodist Publishing Board, Kathryn Walters and the Kingswood Trust, thank you for having enough confidence in us to help fund our project – the process would have taken much longer without it. Kris and Thom at Orange Studios, Peter Rattray, Murray at Stebbing, Gabs and Gabe at APRA, and Holly at DRM, you all answered our many questions and steered us in the right direction with your recommendations – SO appreciated!

We are so blessed and grateful for all the help that we have received, and lastly, thank you to YOU, for buying our album… enjoy and God Bless x

Kakariki album cover