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REGISTRATIONS for Term 2 will open from 8pm, on Weds, 17 April!!

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to go straight to the rego form!)

If you have any questions about our sessions, send us a message, HERE.



Thank you for your interest in registering for our weekly, outreach music sessions.

Our sessions are bilingual Māori and run to the same format, with the same waiata, each week, for the whole term.

Our whakaaro/reason for this is simple… tamariki learn through repetition, and we believe the consistency in keeping to the same music set each term, helps both child and caregiver to learn the kupu/words and actions for the waiata.

We believe it helps to solidify the reo/language that is being introduced, too – which is always so awesome to hear being sung back to us, by the tamariki!



Full-term registrations are $30 per child / Casual registrations are $3 per child, per session booked

Term 2 will run from Monday, 6 May, through to Thursday, 27 June, at six different venues around Ōtautahi.

The theme for the Term 2 is TEDDY BEARS!


What’s the difference between the two types of registrations?


** Full-Term Registration is $30 per child and means only registering once, at the beginning of the term. This allows attendance to your venue of choice for the whole term (usually 8 weeks) and unlimited access to the online version of that term’s session, available to view on our Vimeo channel. A link (and more details) for this online session will be sent out at the end of the first week.

Full-Term Registrations will also close at the end of the first week of the term.


** Casual Registration is $3 per child, per session booked in and requires jumping on to ‘register’ each time. Please note that there are only a limited number of these spots, per session, per week. If the date you are after does not appear on the list, then, unfortunately, they have sold out and there are therefore no Casual Spots available for that date.

If you have already registered with us at least once in a term, you will only need to enter the required parts of the form, marked with an asterisk (*), making booking in each time a breeze!

As a casual registration, you will be given the option to ‘rent’ our online session on Vimeo, for only $15! This rental option gives 24-7 access to the term’s session for three months. Having this option available has really enabled many of our whānau, who are unable to commit to a full-term, to pop in and out of a session with ease, as tamariki have already learned and are familiar with the waiata, making it much less overwhelming for some, when they come along!

Casual Registrations will remain open for the whole term, until sold out!


All registrations are PREPAID via Debit/Credit Card or a Bank Transfer


  1. Contact Info
  2. Session Options
  3. Payment


When you get to the SESSION OPTIONS page, the number of registrations available for each venue is indicated in brackets, once a venue is selected. We will do our best to keep these numbers updated, as registrations are received.

Yay! Welcome back!!

We are likely to already have your details, so unless you have information to update or feedback to pass on, please feel free to just fill out the required sections of the form (marked with an asterisk (*)) and your venue/session options, before proceeding to the PAYMENT page.


Please enter below the contact details of the main caregiver who will be bringing the child/ren along to the weekly sessions.
Please enter below the details of the child/ren you are registering for the term. Click on "Add" to register more than one child.
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