Complete Rainbow Collection


Our full ‘Rainbow Collection’ of Loopy Tunes Preschool Music’s bilingual children’s songbooks – all five books!



All five books!

Our FULL ‘Rainbow Collection’ of Loopy Tunes Preschool Music’s bilingual children’s songbooks!!

If you’d like the books signed, and written for a specific person/children, just pop the details in the “Add A Note” section, on the Checkout page.

Our books are based on five of our original waiata and their Māori translated versions. Almost all of the songs are available in digital form on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and all other major digital platforms. ‘Five Little Birds’ and ‘The Happy Song’ can also be found on our CD, ‘Kākāriki: Simply Us’.

The Rainbow Collection of books are:

  • a beautiful blue/kahurangi, for ‘E Rima Ngā Manu/Five Little Birds’
  • a sunshine yellow/kōwhai, for ‘Te Waiata Koa/The Happy Song’
  • a soft purple/waiporoporo, for ‘He Uri Ngāti Hua-Rākau/Ngāti Fruit Salad Kid’
  • a light Christmas green/kākāriki, for ‘He Kirihimete Karakara Kiwi/It’s A Colourful Kiwi Christmas’
  • a very merry red/whero, for ‘Ko te Pūtake mō te Kirihimete/The Reason for Christmas’

A true showcase of local Christchurch talent, knowledge and expertise, this project would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of some amazing wāhine toa! Check out more info on the book collab. team, here. We are also VERY excited to be printing the books that are bought directly from us, locally, right here in Christchurch!!

Please note: The books do NOT come with a CD of the songs, as we have opted towards a more sustainable approach, by encouraging readers to listen to the songs on all major digital music platforms (including YouTube Music, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, etc), as they read, instead.

THANK YOU all SO much for your support and we hope you and your whānau enjoy our new books!! xo