Term 3 Registration


** REGISTRATIONS OPEN – limited spots left for full term regos!! **

Kia ora koutou, thank you for your interest in registering for our Term 3, weekly, outreach music sessions.

Our sessions are bilingual Māori and run to the same format, with the same waiata, each week, for the whole term.

Our whakaaro/reason for this is simple… tamariki learn through repetition, and we believe the consistency in keeping to the same music set each term, helps both child and caregiver to learn the kupu/words and actions for the waiata.

We believe it helps to solidify the reo/language that is being introduced, too – which is always so awesome to hear being sung by the tamariki!

The term runs from Monday, 25 July, through to Thursday, 29 September.


Our new theme for next term is TEDDY BEARS!  We invite your wee one/s to bring along their favourite teddy/soft toy!


We are excited to welcome you all to register below – please take your time as there is A LOT of information to take in, and we highly recommend SAVING as you go! If you forget, or miss, anything, after you’ve registered, then get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out!

One last reminder… spaces are limited, however, we will open a short Wait List for each venue once it’s booked out, AND, for the first time this year, we’re offering a Casuals List where a handful of spots, per week, per venue, will be available to pre-purchase throughout the term (more info in the rego form).


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Contact Information

Please enter below the contact details of the main caregiver who will be bringing the child/ren along to the weekly sessions, in Term 3.

For record-keeping purposes, only - we try to keep a track of who comes along to each session, so knowing a few names beforehand helps with this.

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Please enter below the details of the child/ren you are registering for our weekly Outreach Music sessions, in Term 3.
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