A collaboration with Whānau Āwhina Plunket

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We had the pleasure of creating 100 songs

in collaboration with Whānau Āwhina Plunket,

gratefully funded by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, as part of the 'Pasifika Beatz' resource toolkit. 

10 albums in 10 different Pacific Island languages, with 10 songs per album!

A cultural music resource, for all!


9-15 May, Rotuman Language Week

30 May - 5 June, Samoan Language Week

11-17 July, Kiribati Language Week

1-7 August, Cook Islands Language Week

5-11 September, Tongan Language Week

13-19 September, Māori Language Week

26 September - 2 October, Tuvaluan Language Week

3-9 October, Fijian Language Week

17-23 October, Niuean Language Week

24-30 October, Tokelauan Language Week

It's Tuvaluan Language Week!
Written by Lita Semese Simona. Used with permission.


26 Sep
- 2 Oct

You will find information on each of the different albums, in the slideshow below.

Check them out!!  Click on the arrows to move to the next slide/language.

Each slide includes... 

  • the song list for each album

  • links to listen to the album on different digital platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc) 

  • a lyric song sheet for all the songs, to download

  • a link to Whānau Āwhina Plunket's YouTube channel for all the action videos for each song

'Pasifika Beatz' Album Covers, Song Lists and Lyrics
(swipe to check out the rest of the ten languages...)

Download HERE the credits for the project - ngā mihi nui to all the hands that contributed to the creation of this awesome resource!

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Translators: Angelique Tuaputa, Letua Lotomau,

Vai Sa'u and Manava Mose

  1. Cook Islands Māori Welcome Song

  2. Katu, Pakuivi/Head, Shoulders (Cook Islands Māori)

  3. Old MacDonald Had A Farm (Cook Islands Māori Animals)

  4. Punupunu (Cook Islands Māori Shapes)

  5. Teatea Is White (Cook Islands Māori)

  6. Rima Little Ducks (Cook Islands Māori)

  7. Cook Islands Māori Alphabet

  8. My God Loves Me (Cook Islands Māori)

  9. Little Birdy On A Tree (Cook Islands Māori)

  10. Te Mou Rima Nei Au (Cook Islands Māori)

Action videos for each song are available on 

Whānau Āwhina Plunket's YouTube channel

DOWNLOAD Cook Islands Māori Songs Lyric Sheet, HERE!

Songs are available on all major digital music platforms


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