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Here are all the Tongan language resources that we've released over the past few years.

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Plunket-Tonga album art.jpg

This album was created to offer a little something for everyone. From the echo welcome song, popular nursery rhymes and traditional tunes.

You can find this album on all the links below:


The playlist for this album is:

1. Tongan Welcome Song

2. Ulu, Uma / Head, Shoulders (Tonga)

3. Old MacDonald Had A Farm (Tongan Animals)

4. Fuopotopoto (Tongan Shapes)

5. Hinehina Is White (Tongan)

6. Nima Little Ducks (Tongan)

7. Tongan Alphabet

8. Sipaita Si’i Si’i / Incy Wincy Spider (Tongan)

9. Baby Birds (Tongan)

10. Malimali Mai (Tongan)


Tongan Translators

Tafoki Williams and ‘Akanesi Tonga​​


Check out our Youtube playlist with all our videos of songs made for kids


A playlist of a few videos where you can learn some basic Tongan phrases and words. 

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