"Happy Song" Book + Game + "Kākāriki" CD + Packs + Poi

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"Te Waiata Koa/The Happy Song" is Loopy Tunes Preschool Music's second, bilingual, children's songbook!! 


A true showcase of local Christchurch talent, knowledge and expertise, this project would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of some amazing wāhine toa! Check out more info on the book collab. team, here.


Our vision to build a Rainbow Collection of books, started with a beautiful blue/kahurangi, for our "E Rima Ngā Manu/Five Little Birds", and we are excited to now add our second colour, a sunshine yellow/kōwhai.


The book is based on our song, "The Happy Song", which features on our debut CD album, "Kākāriki: Simply Us". We have also recorded its Māori equivalent, "Te Waiata Koa", which will be released on Wednesday, 4 March, and will only be available to download or stream on all major digital platforms.


Please note: The book does NOT come with a CD of the songs, as we have opted towards a more sustainable approach, by encouraging readers to listen to the songs on all major digital platforms (including YouTube Music, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, etc), as they read, instead.



"Te Kēmu Waiata Koa/The Happy Song Game" is a boardgame based on our songs "The Happy Song" and "Te Waiata Koa", it's Māori equivalent.


This kēmu/game takes you on a wee haerenga/journey, as Kiwi navigates his way around his emotions! On the board are "Colour Wheel" spaces that allow you to spin "Te Wīra Tae/The Colour Wheel" and do whatever activity/challenge you land on!


The kēmu/game consists of a board, (which is a laminated A4-sized 210gsm cardstock), and two spinners - "Te Wīra Tau/The Number Wheel", which acts as a dice, and "Te Wīra Tae/The Colour Wheel". The spinners are also on laminated 210gsm cardstock, with a metal paperclip as the spinner, secured in the centre, by a metal fastener.


The whole game folds up and fits into an A5-sized envelope that will slip into the back of your new "Happy Song" book, so they can stay together! Each kēmu/game will come with a wee strip of double-sided tape to enable you to do this, if you wish. It is aimed at 2-8yr old tamariki, but is best played with the whole whānau!!


Please note: The kēmu does not include counters, as we are encouraging resourcefulness by challenging tamariki to get creative, and to find items around the house that they can use as counters (we have used coins, acorns, scrunched up bits of paper, flowers/leaves, counters from other games or hair accessories... the possibilities are endless!).

Also, if the spinner doesn't spin, or gets stuck, just push the metal fastener up from underneath, to allow more space between the laminated cardstock and fastener for the paper clip to spin, and give it another go!  :) 



"Kākāriki: Simply Us" is Loopy Tunes Preschool Music's debut album!! 


A labour of love, we bring to you a mixture of Siu's originals and some favourites, in the style that we are known for, acoustic guitar and vocals - in other words... simply us! Our intention with "Kākāriki" is to build a rainbow music cd collection for all our lovely followers, starting with the Loopy Tunes, green/kākāriki.


The album's 13 tracks, includes:

  •  Five Little Birds (a Siu Williams-Lemi original)
  •  No One Like You (previously sung by John Denver, in a Muppets Special called "Rocky Mountain Holiday" in the early 80s)
  •  Incy Wincy Spider/Sipaita Si'i Si'i (an old in English and Tongan)
  •  Hungry Puku (a Siu Williams-Lemi original)
  •  Tīrama, Tīrama/Twinkle Twinkle (an old favourite, in Māori and English)
  •  E Rere Taku Poi (a Māori poi song)
  •  Happy Song (a Siu Williams-Lemi original)
  •  What Are You Wearing? (a Siu Williams-Lemi original)
  •  Tētahi Taniwha/One Day A Taniwha (an old fave, in Māori and English)
  •  This Is Jack (the first of our scarf songs, a Siu Williams-Lemi original)
  •  Peek-A-Boo Teddy (a Siu Williams-Lemi original)
  •  Catch A Falling Bubble (Catch A Falling Star) (a scarf and bubbles song) 
  •  Ngāti-Fruit Salad Kid (a Siu Williams-Lemi original)



This combo includes:

  • "Hungry Puku" Foods pack
  • "Five Little Birds" NZ Birds pack
  • Poi (x2)


Poi have been handmade for tamariki, using mostly recycled materials, therefore, each poi is uniquely individual. As a result, your poi may not look like the ones pictured. The poi tail/cord varies from 20-26cm long.


There are five Food items, and five NZ Birds, sized at approximately 8-10cm by 8-10cm, printed on 210gsm cardstock and laminated, in each pack and comes with a magnetic strip. All were beautifully drawn by our good friend, and local artist, Rosina Cater. Jump on to her artist Facebook page, to view more of her awesome work: Beanie Paints



THANK YOU all SO much for your support and we hope you and your whānau enjoy our resources!!  xo  



~~ $2 from every CD sold will be put into a fund, and donations will be paid out to chosen charitable organisations. Recipients will be posted on our website. ~~

"Happy Song" Book + Game + "Kākāriki" CD + Packs + Poi

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    Otherwise... ENJOY!!!!  :) 

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