A collaborative team effort with a proudly NZ-based team of wāhine toa!
This is the five-book


of bilingual Māori/English books, based on original waiata, written by Siu Williams-Lemi.

 Illustrator - Rosina Cater (Beanie Paints)

Publisher - Therese Fisher (KingFisher Publishing)

Licensed Māori Translator - Urupikia Minhinnick

Book Layout - Imelda Morgan (Two Sparrows Design)


Five Bilingual Children's Books 

E Rima Ngā Manu | Five Little Birds

Book released 13 October, 2019

Te Waiata Koa | The Happy Song

Book released 8 March, 2020

He Uri Ngāti Hua-Rākau | Ngāti Fruit Salad Kid

Book released 24 July, 2020

Ko Te Pūtake Mo Te Kirihimete | The Reason For Christmas

Book launched 1 November, 2020

He Kirihimete Karakara Kiwi |It's A Colourful Kiwi Christmas

Book launched 1 November, 2020

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